Fine Rug Services

Eastern Rug Gallery offers a variety of important rug services and products for owners of hand made oriental rug, kelims, and other flat woven textiles.
Carpet Cleaning
Proper cleaning of any wool rug, whether hand made, tufted or power-loomed, it is essential that it is done with care and thoroughness that only knowledgeable and experienced rug-cleaning experts should do. Eastern Rug Gallery offers over 20 years of professional rug cleaning expertise for your precious Orientals and area rugs of all types.
Carpet Washing — Rug Consignment in Champaign, IL
Carpet Repairing and Restoration — Rug Consignment in Champaign, IL
Repair and Restorations
Eastern Rug Gallery provides expert repair services such as fringe and sides, holes, rips etc. to restore your precious heirlooms to as close to their original condition as they can be. Damage to hand woven rugs can increase rapidly if left unattended - call us today for our repair estimates.
Carpet Padding
Eastern Rug Gallery inventories a variety of carpet pads and foundations. It is important that proper padding is used under carpets to assure minimum ware, safety, and distortion from stretching. We will advise you as to your specific needs and custom cut your pads to correct dimensions.
Carpet Padding Service — Rug Consignment in Champaign, IL
Cauc Rug Pile — Rug Consignment in Champaign, IL
Eastern Rug Gallery offers expert, fair and accurate appraisals on your Orientals for insurance and estate purposes. Our large library and auction-sales records, combined with years of experience, assure verifiable rug type, age, and values for our customers.
Purchases and Trade-ins
Eastern Rug Gallery will buy your old carpet's at fair prices that you will be comfortable with; our purchasing policy is contingent on market conditions and if and how the carpet will fit in our inventory at the time of purchase. We also allow generous trade-in on new rugs; and we allow 100% of original cost trade-ins on rugs previously purchased from us – within one year of purchase date (Less cleaning costs or any repairs, if needed).

Consignment: Eastern Rug Gallery can help you sell unwanted carpets on consignment, and also will take estate rugs on fair consignments terms.